Quassaick Creek Watershed
The Quassaick Creek is an important tributary of the Hudson River. Its watershed covers portions of five municipalities in two counties: the headwaters of the Creek in rural Ulster County feed the main Quassaick Creek channel that meanders through the Town of Newburgh before forming the border between the City of Newburgh and the Town of New Windsor. The Quassaick Creek enters the Hudson River just south of the popular waterfront area in the City of Newburgh. There are many important waterbodies that reside within this watershed including Chadwick Lake, Orange Lake, Washington Lake, Gidneytown Creek, and Bushfield Creek.

In March 2012, the Orange County Planning Department (OCPD), with assistance from the OCWA and the NYS DOS, kicked off a project to develop a Watershed Management Plan for the Quassaick Creek. The planning process was guided by an Advisory Committee. The purpose of this Plan is to improve water quality, biodiversity, fisheries, recreational access to water, and otherwise enhance the Quassaick Creek and its Watershed. This project was partially funded by a grant from the NYS DOS Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.

For general information about the Quassaick Creek Watershed, contact Kelly Dobbins at kdobbins@orangecountygov.com or call 845-615-3840.

To learn about opportunities to volunteer in the Watershed, contact John Gebhards, Chair of the Quassaick Creek Watershed Alliance at 845-562-6249 or gebhards@earthlink.net. The Alliance is a coalition of individuals and entities, both public and private, whose mission is to advocate for implementation of the Quassaick Creek Watershed Management Plan. Their efforts focus on the protection and restoration of water quality and quantity, recreational values and biodiversity of the Quassaick Creek, its reservoirs and tributaries to promote the health, safety and welfare of our communities. Click here to visit the Alliance Webpage for more information.

Quassaick Creek Watershed Plan Report and Maps:

Quassaick Watershed Stormwater Pond Inventory (via Google Maps)
Quassaick Creek Watershed Map
Executive Summary of the Quassaick Creek Watershed Plan
Quassaick Creek Watershed Plan - Full Report, See below for separate Chapters