Moodna Creek Watershed
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The OCWA and County Department of Planning, with the help of a consultant team, a working group of local stakeholders, and financial support from the NYS DECís Hudson River Estuary Program, created the Moodna Creek Watershed Conservation and Management Plan, which was finalized in March 2010. The Plan was designed to address local and intermunicipal objectives and to support the OCWAís goals for source water protection, regional watershed planning, and research/monitoring of water resources. Because watersheds do not follow municipal boundaries, working in a watershed context requires communication and coordination between multiple municipalities. The Moodna Creek Watershed resides solely in Orange County and includes portions of 22 municipalities.

The planning process and the goals for this Plan itself include a strong emphasis on facilitating and developing an ongoing, coordinated intermunicipal program addressing watershed issues. As a result of the highest priority recommendation within the Plan, the Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council was born to work cooperatively to implement the recommendations of the Plan and take on other important watershed issues as they arise. The Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council meets quarterly and the public is always welcome. For more details, please visit the Councilís webpage (link at the top of this page).

Lower Moodna Creek Watershed Flood Mitigation Assessment Report

Moodna Watershed Plan Documents:
Moodna Creek Watershed Conservation and Management Plan
Executive Summary of the Moodna Watershed Plan

Plan Appendices:
Appendix A - Code Revew Draft Summary
Appendix B - Comparison of Fine and Course Scale Geospatial Assessments
Appendix C - General Concepts of Riparian Vegetation Ecology
Appendix D - Moodna Creek Dam Removal Design Report
Appendix E - Moodna Cultural Connections - Maringamus Wigwam
Appendix F - Watershed Modeling: Impact of Future Land Use on Water Quantity & Quality
Appendix G - Biodiversity of the Moodna Watershed
Appendix H - Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Sustainable Water Use in Hudson Valley

Other Reports and Maps:
Moodna Creek Watershed Atlas (Maps)
Army Corps of Engineers Response Document Draft
Moodna Creek Watershed Flood Summit Report (2012)
Walton Lake Watershed Map
Walton Lake Aerial Photo