Monhagen Brook Watershed
The OCWA in partnership with the OC Department of Planning and others was awarded a grant through the NYS DEC's Hudson River Estuary Program to complete a comprehensive Watershed Plan for the Monhagen Brook. Through the course of the project, a coalition of municipal representatives, stakeholders and local agencies was created and guided the planning process for the remediation of the Monhagen Brook and its surrounding watershed basin. The project produced a Watershed Plan document based on outreach to stakeholders, data and reports on existing conditions in the watershed, and priorities and goals set by the stakeholders. The Plan will identify long-term desired outcomes, including: a restored Brook, public access to the stream and the restoration of green space in the urban setting that would give neighboring communities access to the ecosystem services a healthy environment provides.

So where is the Monhagen Brook? The Monhagen Brook watershed covers portions of northern Orange County, NY in the City of Middletown and Towns of Wallkill and Wawayanda. The Brook is a tributary of the Wallkill River, a major tributary of the Hudson. The Brook crosses Fulton Street in the City. At Monhagen Brook�s headwaters is Monhagen Lake, the water supply reservoir for the City of Middletown. The stream travels past the City water treatment plant, through residential neighborhoods southeast across the city. When the stream reaches the edge of Downtown, it is encased in concrete for almost two miles. The stream exits its encasement as it flows past the City sewage treatment plant, and then flows southeast to a large area of wetlands and joins the Wallkill River five miles east.

Documents and Reports:
Monhagen Brook Watershed Plan (2019)
Life at the Water's Edge by the Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation Districts
NYSDEC Impaired Waterbodies List, Monhagen Brook & Tributaries (2007)
Stream Water Quality (Biomonitoring) Chart (1986-2014)

Maps, Presentations and Outreach Materials:
Monhagen Brook Watershed Map
Project Kickoff Meeting Presentations (All) October 26, 2016

If you would like more information about upcoming events, projects or programs happening in the Watershed or you would like to get involved, contact the Orange County Soil & Water Conservation District at Orange County Soil & Water Conservation District Website or call 845-343-1873 or visit the Monhagen Brook Watershed Facebook Group and JOIN!