Mission Statement: The Orange County Water Authority ("OCWA") was created to address the long-term water needs of Orange County, New York. OCWA supports local, intermunicipal and regional water planning and projects, and coordinates analysis of County water resources to provide a scientific basis for planning and decision making. Our programs are focused on water supply, water resource protection, watershed planning, conservation and education.


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Quassaick Creek Watershed Alliance
Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council
Where can I have my water tested?

The Orange County NY Water Authority currently does NOT operate, regulate or control any private or public water or sewer systems. If you you would like to make an inquiry about paying a bill, have a complaint or questions about your municipal water quality, please contact the Town/Village/City in which your home or business resides. See the attached document for further contact information.
Municipal Water Supply Contact List

If your property is served by a private well and you have concerns about water quality and/or would like to have your water tested, please contact the Orange County Department of Health at (845) 291-6664. They have a list of certified labs to have your water tested with.

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